9 Jun 2010

Western Australia will do very well out of mining tax

WA will get the lion's share of investment funds from the resources tax to build new roads, railways and ports and boost the state's economy, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says.
But mining company bosses have laid on a protest meeting to greet him when he attends a press club luncheon today.(see below)
Mr Rudd told us the tax reforms would strengthen WA's economy by cutting company tax and making tax breaks available for tens of thousands of small businesses, and provide revenue to build infrastructure.

On top of that it would provide extra superannuation for 700,000 workers in WA, he said.
The government aimed to set up a specific investment fund to build more roads, railways and ports in WA, which would in turn boost mining and business.
``The infrastructure needs of this state are vast and on the existing tax base cannot be funded,'' Mr Rudd said.

mining tax
Andrew Forrest mining magnate with what we assume are paid protesters. By donning the hard working garb he fools no one he is a billionaire who just wants more.
In the past miners built towns, roads etc. Now they build nothing but very large holes and fly workers in and out, why its cheaper of course.

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