4 Jun 2010

Young conservatives in Australia show contempt for the aged

This article was about the celebration of a 93rd birthday and the way young members of the conservative parties showed there contempt.
The aged and all elder statesman should be appalled..
The event, created by Young LNP member Nicholas Stanton and attended by 17 friends,(It was advertised on Youtube) has since been taken down. But when it was up, the event planned to celebrate the ageing Whitlam's birthday because "the man is old and nearly dead, he got sacked, and he is just shit . . . So lets (sic) celebrate and be happy!!"
 "Wah hey, this old codger we don't like is one more birthday closer to death."
Now as terrible as it is to dance on someone's grave before they are even in it, particularly a former PM, it also points to another issue – a complete inability of young members of the conservative parties in this country to realise what is open for public comment and what is not.
Surely the future leadership of the conservatives will not include this rabble.
Former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam.
Gough Whitlam
Forget the politics, he is a true gentleman

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