30 Jul 2010

Mark Latham now MASTER of Australian Politics(The Biggest Looser)

We are now being bombarded daily by quotes from this unlikely source, who is being quoted by every newspaper,TV station including the ABC as having inside info.
What indeed does it say about our press, how low can you go to rely on the most unreliable politician this country has had, not to mention his history.
Apparently he is now a renowned commentator with inside knowledge of everything in side the labour party.

Come on, this guy with his great command of #***language, this is the only thing that he is famous for, not his expertise .



28 Jul 2010


Our new PM is a bit of change from what we are used to, this picture is taken from the latest Australian Women's Weekly Magazine.
Julia Gillard the present PM
...with pearls.
Below what we are used to seeing
The last leaders of the nation

Back to the future
Possibly the next PM

A Woman politician in Australia

The media subjects female politicians to a blatant double standard, requiring them to conform to standards on physical presentation and lifestyle choices that are never applied to men. It’s a constantly changing set of requirements that means there’s always something to criticise and the media always wins.

Look too good, you’re condemned as reliant on your appearance.

Don’t look good enough, you’re disparaged as unattractive. Don’t have a family, you’re deliberately barren. Have a family, you’re a career-obsessed politician neglecting your kids.

The Australian yesterday launched a series of personal attacks on the Prime Minister, with the clear aim of ridiculing her and delegitimising her as a political figure.

It complements an effort by Liberal Party figures to attack Gillard over her childlessness and her de facto marital status.

The Australian’s smearing of Gillard reached new heights this morning when reactionary lightweight Janet Albrechtsen launched a deeply personal attack on Gillard.

Albrechtsen didn’t mention the ears, but that was because her sights were trained somewhat lower on the Gillard anatomy.

She accuses her of “showcasing a bare home and an empty kitchen as badges of honour and commitment to her career” and not knowing how to meet “the needs of a husband or partner.”

Wrong colour,wrong shape,wrong ears, she's just all wrong, why can't she be a man?

27 Jul 2010


A hidden poll result.
Essential Report released 22nd June "not widely reported"

Thinking about the Australian troops in Afghanistan, do you think Australia should –
TotalVote LaborVote Lib/NatJune 22
Increase the number of troops in Afghanistan7%7%7%14%
Keep the same number of troops in Afghanistan24%25%32%24%
Withdraw our troops from Afghanistan61%61%55%50%
Don’t know8%7%6%12%
61% of respondents think Australia should withdraw our troops from Afghanistan, 24% think we should keep the same number and 7% think we should increase numbers. Support for withdrawal of troops has increased by 11% since this question was asked in March last year.
There was majority support for withdrawal of troops across all demographic groups and voter types. 55% of Liberal/National voters, 61% of Labor voters and 75% of Greens voters support withdrawal of Australia’s troops
Australia has around 1550 combat troops in Afghanistan as part of the 100,000-strong US-NATO command. They are taking part in the summer military offensive in the southern province of Kandahar.
So far 16 Australian troops have been killed in this war but the number is certain to rise unless the troops are withdrawn.
The numbers killed have unfortunately risen since this report


Prison numbers in WA prisons have grown so much that they are doubling the number of prisoners to a cell and in some cases they have had to make them sleep n the floor because of bed shortages. The numbers have grown by... 33%... since new parole board head appointed.
Appointee Supreme Court Justice Narelle Johnson says that the jump in the number of prisoners being denied parole has nothing to do with her taking over the job for the period that the prison numbers have jumped.
WA prisoners are denied the right to appear in front of a parole board. The parole board does not believe they should have the right as the prisoners don't always tell the truth.
The fact that many are illiterate does not matter as they can get other inmates or guards to help them to fill in the applications.
We know of course that other CARING prisoners and CARING guards would never hold a grudge and would always be helpful when it comes to parole
The parole board in WA said also that the prisoners could organize a video link, although to their knowledge this had never eventuated.
Using the fact that prisoners may lie would seem to be a strange defence of their position.

26 Jul 2010


A short poem that came upon me, hope it's alright it came in the night, so I penned it this morning, don't know what you like but it came like that out of the blue so I wrote it down just for you.
I posted it before but when I checked, it needed some polish or so I thought, why not try to do a bit more so here it goes, I hope you like.


When your a child
No need to think
Time for learning
Not for yearning
Learning to walk
Learning to talk
We just learn
We don't have to try
Walk without thinking
Talk without to trying
We grow up slowly
Though it seems so fast
Forget our mistakes
That seemed so large
There now in the past
Then as we grow older
We realise how great it was
To be little not tall
Then our life changes
We're not small anymore
We have different lives
 We've grown, we're now tall
Our children are growing up
They say they've learned it all
Or, so they say
Now we have got wisdom
Or so we are told
Now we know just what to do
We will always be learning
Now we know, we really do
 Our kids, they'll do it just the same
They'll think they know it
Think they've learned
But do you know
They'll have to do it, just like us
Make there mistakes
They will, do it all again
They might remember, some of it
The bits that saved them pain
Mostly they'll do it all again
The mistakes we made along the way
They may just do it just the same
Maybe they'll get it, or maybe not
Yes we tried though, to give them the lot
Whether it was enough we'll never know
It was our best shot and that's what they got

Stephen W T Read July 2010

24 Jul 2010

Worms at work in the Australian Election

Tony Abbott's nightmares all relate to
the worm in his television debate.                                                     Julia Gillard's worm
Having wormed his way to the leadership
of the liberal party
He now is troubled by the number of policy
changes he made to get there.

She doesn't seem to mind what it does
during the television debate.

He believes that the worm is biased and
out to get him and the party.
Yet he stated yesterday he will win the election.
Although it wasn't written down, was it?

Bob Hawke on the road again and doing it well

You would only trust about Tony this much.
He's already said, only believe what he says it if it's written down.

The former Labor prime minister used his appearance at a campaign launch in Melbourne's marginal seat of Deakin on Friday to unleash the brutal assessment of Tony Abbott.
"What's the bugger going to say next?" Mr Hawke said, leading the laughter of dozens of Labor supporters in the crammed campaign office.
"He's going to talk a hell of a lot in this campaign but he's wasting his time.
"He's already said 'Don't believe me, it's only what I write'."

Mr Hawke had a few choice words for the coalition's asylum seeker policy.
"It's stupid ... he knows that to get up and say he'll send all the boats back, there's a word for that, and it's bullshit," Mr Hawke said of Mr Abbott's plan.
But it's nothing personal, he said.
"I like him personally but I think he's as mad as a cut snake," was the none-too-subtle assessment.

Arrogance is death in politics


Abbott addresses supporters in Perth
Never be smug or arrogant while on the campaign trail, THE FIRST COMMANDMENT!
 Leaders traditionally avoid declaring victory.
 They will appear overconfident
"This is only the first week of the campaign"??

23 Jul 2010

Immigration History in Australia

You know Dad warned me. He said they'll take over.
Them refugees and criminals. Now look what's happened.
We should have turned back the boats
Never set up that processing centre at Botany Bay
Now its to late, they think they own the place
We should have treated them like they treated us
They would have left in a big hurry I bet!

20 Jul 2010

Abbott on Red Faces tomorrow night Hey Hey It's Saturday not to be missed.

Our possible future PM is to appear with Ozzie the Ostrich, Plucka Duck, Darryl Somers and all the gang.

News Of Mr Abbott's appearance on the entertainment and variety show came on a day when politicians decided to use the names of celebrities to emphasise their points - sometimes awkwardly.

Mr Abbott's Hey Hey gig was first revealed in a press release from Channel Nine. But he got second billing after Minogue, who is in Australia to visit her new baby nephew and who will perform on local TV screens for the first time in a decade.
He will face the perils of live television tomorrow night with this appearance on Hey Hey It's Saturday alongside Kylie Minogue I do hope he doesn't wear budgie smugglers

Good luck to you Tony, you sure know how to stick your neck out. With Ozzie the Ostrich, it might work

About ABBOTT.....The truth and nothing but the truth. HA,HA,HA

The prices rises Tony Abbott is referring to below are all controlled by state governments, how is he going to control these charges.
STATE Electricity prices have gone up 35 per cent since the end of 2007, gas prices have gone up 24 per cent since the end of 2007, water prices have gone up 29 per cent since the end of 2007."

Rumor has it that Abbott is looking at cutting AFP numbers and defence force numbers to save money, apparently they think that lowering immigration numbers will lower the crime rate and reduce defence requirements. That's a new one, it can't be true, can it?

The World Bank held up Australia as an example for how well they managed the economy during the Financial Crisis by cleverly using  the stimulus, and how well we came through.

According to Tony Abbott the country is almost broke, how can that be?

Could someone please tell me where this $100 million a day figure comes from that we are borrowing.
No economists seem to know where it came from.

They say that the first casualty in an election campaign is the truth.

Ain't that the truth!!

Next we have to catch Julia Gillard out.
She has got to make a mistake soon

UK PM David Cameron Launches 'big society' plan

David Cameron's new plan seems to be quite similar to what the conservative (Liberal Party) in Australia adopted over the last 10 years or so before the last change of government.
They transferred so much to work to the charities and away from the government(cost cutting) that the charities are to this day overwhelmed.

Services suffered and Tory's saying that librarians are not needed and are over qualified, that volunteers can run the post offices, run transport systems and drive buses. Next is will be garbage collections etc. This doesn't bode well for the future.

There is great merit in volunteering and it is good for society if it is done correctly, but it can be used as a scapegoat for the non delivery of government services that every tax payer pays for.

I hope it is done with caution, however once cost cutting is mentioned in the same sentence its a worry.

Prime Minister David Cameron
England needs a shot in the arm, is this the way?
Maybe, lets wait and see.

19 Jul 2010

Election News in Australia

Tony Abbott(leader of Conservative side) has had his first fumble of the election campaign after industrial relations spokesman Eric Abetz appeared to equivocate about a pledge to keep Labor's new industrial relations regime for at least three years. They lost the last election because it was so  oppressive. 

Eric Abetz contradicted his leader, telling ABC radio that the Coalition's policy could involve ''tweaking'' the legislation.

''We will not be revolutionising, or indeed reforming, we would only be tweaking.
When is a tweak a tweak, come on don't they mean change.

Julia Gillard(the present Labour PM), an agnostic with a common law partner, has been accused of being unfit for leadership because she has never had children.
On Sunday, she spent the morning posing for pictures with babies in a Brisbane park.

Abbott, married with three daughters and a staunch Roman Catholic social conservative, was recently criticized by Gillard for warning Australia's young women against having pre-marital sex.

Julia Gillard said he should mind his own business.

Click on the link below, another funny video be patient it takes a while to load.
YouTube - Emperor Tony Abbott or Princess Julia Gillard?

18 Jul 2010

Pauline Snug as Bug in a Rug

My Pauline I think she's feeling the cold
Minus 3 Celsius
Its becoming a little chilly at night

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Tony Abbott back to the future 1963

"Election slogan"
The faceless men are back

No policies just a slogan, are we that dumb??

In March 1963 Menzies jibed that the ALP was ruled by "36 faceless men" - a jibe that is remembered more than 40 years later by guess who? People who live in the past.

Ton Abbott's "faceless men" warning.
 Most journalists agree there is next to no prospect of the factional chieftains and union leaders causing major political problems for the Labor Government, they have been demoralised to such an extent that they are completely toothless and their powers have been stripped away.
 Anyone who lives in Australia knows that the line is dead, like communists under every labour bed.
No Tony!
Bull is not all its cracked up to be
it only works for a little while
 then people can tell by the smell!

16 Jul 2010

I ask you. How do you know who the people are??

Women wait for their turn at a voter registration center in Kabul, Afghanistan. The country will hold parliamentary elections Sept. 18.

Kabul, Afghanistan

(Ahmad Masood / Reuters / July 13, 2010)
Women wait for their turn at a voter registration center in Kabul, Afghanistan. The country will hold parliamentary elections Sept. 18.

Ordaining women as priests was is as grave an offense as pedophilia.


THE Roman Catholic Church has elevated the ordination of women to one of the most serious crimes.
The ordination of women is now on the same level as child abuse in the eyes of the Church.
The issue, some critics said, was less the ordination of women, which is not discussed seriously inside the church hierarchy, but the Vatican’s suggestion that pedophilia is a comparable sin.
It is very irritating that they put the increased severity in punishment for abuse and women’s ordination at the same level.

The new rules on pedophilia do not hold bishops accountable for abuse by priests on their watch, nor do they require them to report sexual abuse.

So women are not worthy, they can bear children, nurse us and care for us but are unequal in the eyes of the church.
Their attitude to child abuse shows that the church has not learned anything.

The Catholic Church is obviously not christian.


15 Jul 2010

Gillard fends off questions from Laurie Oakes on Rudd 'deal'what deal!

It must be a slow news day for Laurie who we have not heard from for quite a while.
If he wanted to ask an interesting question, he should have asked are Tony and her close, as shown in the Getup Advert.
Election 2010 Spoof Trailer - GetUp!   check this out, Click on this site.

Mr Oakes asked whether it was true that Mr Rudd was planning on an October election and he agreed to hand over the leadership to Ms Gillard if he continued to perform badly in the polls in the lead-up to the campaign.

Ms Gillard refused to discuss the details of her meeting with Mr Rudd.
"I've made it very, very clear that I will never be speaking publicly about my discussions with Kevin Rudd on that night," she said. "It's not my intention to canvass any of the matters that were discussed in that room. "I intend to respect that confidence for the rest of my life."

I'm sorry Laurie you can do better than this, or is it just because Bob Hawks latest biography is just out??
Come on Laurie use your noggin a bit.

Israel bulldozes Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem

Israel courted international anger on Tuesday when it abruptly resumed its controversial policy of sending bulldozers into East Jerusalem to demolish Palestinian homes.

A Palestinian woman gestures in front of Israeli police officers

A Palestinian woman gestures in front of Israeli police officers as the home of her neighbours is razed in East Jerusalem Photo: REUTERS
After nine-months of restraint at the prompting of the United States, Israeliwrecking teams unexpectedly advanced into the city's Arab suburbs and razed six Palestinian-owned buildings.
The return of the bulldozers, seen by Palestinians as one of the most hated symbols of Israeli occupation, threatened to undermine President Barack Obama's finely-balanced efforts to resume full peace talks.

Bernie Fraser(former head of treasury) takes aim at Abbott

The Mining Tax
Bernie Fraser says Tony Abbott has rocks in his head for wanting to rescind it.
Mr Fraser said Opposition Leader Tony Abbott's vow to rescind the tax, if elected, was improbable

It amazes him how any alternative prime minister or alternative government can put the vested interests of big mining companies ahead of the national interests of this country.
"Whoever devised that line really has rocks in his or her head."
Mr Fraser, a director of two not-for-profit superannuation funds, described the government's plan to boost superannuation from nine to 12 per cent over nine years as mediocre.
Ordinary working Australians had "pretty modest super" on which to retire.
"And unfortunately the alternative government has never been interested in doing anything to improve the situation," Mr Fraser said.

14 Jul 2010

East Timor VS Nauru for Refugees

The difference East Timor 600 miles from Australia, Nauru nearly 3000 miles, its as simple as that.

Why wouldn't the present government prefer East Timor, not to mention the number of people we might be looking at.
Nauru is a tiny island with a tiny population, not the first choice and not very fair to the people of Nauru.

Looking at the whole thing rationally East Timor is the most practical, forget the politics for once.

Central Government Offices Dili East Timor

Mel Gibson "Dead or Alive"

So, Gibson is a goner.
Rumour has it that the talk of the heads of agencies around Hollywood, not to mention the heads of several studios, Gibson is a true Hollywood pariah right now.
Every talent agency has a cadre of important African-American clients who would be outraged(if they had a Jewish conextion) - and rightfully so - if their agency made a play for Gibson as a client.
Of course, you could call these moral judgments extremely situational, since as one top agent succinctly put it: "If Himmler had a hot spec script, he'd find someone in this town to represent him."
If you say the wrong thing in Hollywood, that is use the word Jew in the wrong context you are history, the opportunities for work simply dry up.
So Mel made a boo boo, we all have, isn't there a saying, sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me.
This apparently does not apply to Jews, ever since the Holocaust(God forbid that it will ever be repeated) they have become super sensitive, when every other ethnic group has to put up with a garden a variety of abuse, the Jewish people do not.
They are not special as they always claim, look at their treatment of the Palestinians are the Israelis entitled to special treatment.I don't  think so...

There are plenty of tough jobs in the movie business, but right now it's hard to find any applicants for the job of defending Mel Gibson.

Mel Gibson ... hardest act now is to find any supporters in Hollywood.

 He is an Aussie anyway, don't kick him while he's down.

Butcher prepares horses for courses

July 14, 2010Horse meat has gone on the menu in Western Australia as a gourmet food, with a butcher urging meat lovers to end their aversion to dining on Mister Ed.
Vince Gareffa of Mondi Di Carne "gourmet butchers" is believed to be the first butcher to begin selling horse meat for human consumption in the country.
"There's no way in the world it's any different. It just does happens to be more emotional. (As pet) dogs become an emotional thing, horses are an emotional thing.
"But the cows, the sheep, the pigs, the chickens are sick of it. They're sick of the racism against certain breeds of animal."