20 Jul 2010

Abbott on Red Faces tomorrow night Hey Hey It's Saturday not to be missed.

Our possible future PM is to appear with Ozzie the Ostrich, Plucka Duck, Darryl Somers and all the gang.

News Of Mr Abbott's appearance on the entertainment and variety show came on a day when politicians decided to use the names of celebrities to emphasise their points - sometimes awkwardly.

Mr Abbott's Hey Hey gig was first revealed in a press release from Channel Nine. But he got second billing after Minogue, who is in Australia to visit her new baby nephew and who will perform on local TV screens for the first time in a decade.
He will face the perils of live television tomorrow night with this appearance on Hey Hey It's Saturday alongside Kylie Minogue I do hope he doesn't wear budgie smugglers

Good luck to you Tony, you sure know how to stick your neck out. With Ozzie the Ostrich, it might work

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