9 Jul 2010

Abbott's Pacific paradise for refugees

Maybe Julia Gillard hasn't finalised where the new processing centre will end up, but I'll bet she comes up with a better alternative than Abbott's.
Tony Abbott's alternative site for a processing centre, which is more humane for refugees, so he says is Nauru.
Does he know what humane means?
I thought it was the people smugglers we are supposed to be punishing
I know where I would rather be held. Anywhere other than Nauru!!

See full size image
Nauru 8 square miles population 11,000

The Nauru Detention Centre
The detention centre in Nauru is situated in the
middle of a disused phosphate mine.
We all no what that smells like
When it was last used it cost us 2 million a month, it would be more like 4 million a month now

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