13 Jul 2010

Asylum Seekers Secret Weapon(old wooden boats, no more)

It is believed that the people smugglers are upping the ante.
This boat can carry 60 people @ $4,000 per head, they reckon 3 trips every two days and you get to choose which destination. Darwin, Broom,Cairns, Townsville, McKay. All the latest tourist information is supplied, however you must arrange for your own accommodation.
Several types of accommodation are recommended. Backpackers packages are available.

The name CATCH ME IF YOU CAN is blanked out on the hull
This shot was taken by Anon
Tony Abbott's got to catch this thing first.
Never mind sending it back.
Best of luck Tony
Where the hell did the smugglers get hold of something like that? I never did believe they were that poor, these people smugglers.
No Tony at $4,000 a head what do you think
Gee you reckon this will do the trick
We can pretend we are serenading them, then pow!!!!
No need to send anyone back. How neat is that...

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