27 Jul 2010


A hidden poll result.
Essential Report released 22nd June "not widely reported"

Thinking about the Australian troops in Afghanistan, do you think Australia should –
TotalVote LaborVote Lib/NatJune 22
Increase the number of troops in Afghanistan7%7%7%14%
Keep the same number of troops in Afghanistan24%25%32%24%
Withdraw our troops from Afghanistan61%61%55%50%
Don’t know8%7%6%12%
61% of respondents think Australia should withdraw our troops from Afghanistan, 24% think we should keep the same number and 7% think we should increase numbers. Support for withdrawal of troops has increased by 11% since this question was asked in March last year.
There was majority support for withdrawal of troops across all demographic groups and voter types. 55% of Liberal/National voters, 61% of Labor voters and 75% of Greens voters support withdrawal of Australia’s troops
Australia has around 1550 combat troops in Afghanistan as part of the 100,000-strong US-NATO command. They are taking part in the summer military offensive in the southern province of Kandahar.
So far 16 Australian troops have been killed in this war but the number is certain to rise unless the troops are withdrawn.
The numbers killed have unfortunately risen since this report

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