15 Jul 2010

Bernie Fraser(former head of treasury) takes aim at Abbott

The Mining Tax
Bernie Fraser says Tony Abbott has rocks in his head for wanting to rescind it.
Mr Fraser said Opposition Leader Tony Abbott's vow to rescind the tax, if elected, was improbable

It amazes him how any alternative prime minister or alternative government can put the vested interests of big mining companies ahead of the national interests of this country.
"Whoever devised that line really has rocks in his or her head."
Mr Fraser, a director of two not-for-profit superannuation funds, described the government's plan to boost superannuation from nine to 12 per cent over nine years as mediocre.
Ordinary working Australians had "pretty modest super" on which to retire.
"And unfortunately the alternative government has never been interested in doing anything to improve the situation," Mr Fraser said.

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