12 Jul 2010

East Timor rejects Gillard plan or does it?

the age.com.au July 12, 2010 6:11pm

"The decision to reject the proposal was unanimous among the 35 members of East Timor’s 65 person parliament who voted on the resolution".

Am I silly or something 35 out of 65  is not unanimous, it is a majority and how many members were in the parliament at the time of the vote. Could someone tell me.. come on, this is another example of making up a headline. A majority is not great news but a unanimous rejection, that's news.

Lets face it folks the news as we gets it, is massaged so much that we can't tell which bit is real anymore.

Maybe a real journalist will tell us the real story, even though it may be a bit boring wouldn't that be a shock.

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