19 Jul 2010

Election News in Australia

Tony Abbott(leader of Conservative side) has had his first fumble of the election campaign after industrial relations spokesman Eric Abetz appeared to equivocate about a pledge to keep Labor's new industrial relations regime for at least three years. They lost the last election because it was so  oppressive. 

Eric Abetz contradicted his leader, telling ABC radio that the Coalition's policy could involve ''tweaking'' the legislation.

''We will not be revolutionising, or indeed reforming, we would only be tweaking.
When is a tweak a tweak, come on don't they mean change.

Julia Gillard(the present Labour PM), an agnostic with a common law partner, has been accused of being unfit for leadership because she has never had children.
On Sunday, she spent the morning posing for pictures with babies in a Brisbane park.

Abbott, married with three daughters and a staunch Roman Catholic social conservative, was recently criticized by Gillard for warning Australia's young women against having pre-marital sex.

Julia Gillard said he should mind his own business.

Click on the link below, another funny video be patient it takes a while to load.
YouTube - Emperor Tony Abbott or Princess Julia Gillard?

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