15 Jul 2010

Gillard fends off questions from Laurie Oakes on Rudd 'deal'what deal!

It must be a slow news day for Laurie who we have not heard from for quite a while.
If he wanted to ask an interesting question, he should have asked are Tony and her close, as shown in the Getup Advert.
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Mr Oakes asked whether it was true that Mr Rudd was planning on an October election and he agreed to hand over the leadership to Ms Gillard if he continued to perform badly in the polls in the lead-up to the campaign.

Ms Gillard refused to discuss the details of her meeting with Mr Rudd.
"I've made it very, very clear that I will never be speaking publicly about my discussions with Kevin Rudd on that night," she said. "It's not my intention to canvass any of the matters that were discussed in that room. "I intend to respect that confidence for the rest of my life."

I'm sorry Laurie you can do better than this, or is it just because Bob Hawks latest biography is just out??
Come on Laurie use your noggin a bit.

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