14 Jul 2010

Mel Gibson "Dead or Alive"

So, Gibson is a goner.
Rumour has it that the talk of the heads of agencies around Hollywood, not to mention the heads of several studios, Gibson is a true Hollywood pariah right now.
Every talent agency has a cadre of important African-American clients who would be outraged(if they had a Jewish conextion) - and rightfully so - if their agency made a play for Gibson as a client.
Of course, you could call these moral judgments extremely situational, since as one top agent succinctly put it: "If Himmler had a hot spec script, he'd find someone in this town to represent him."
If you say the wrong thing in Hollywood, that is use the word Jew in the wrong context you are history, the opportunities for work simply dry up.
So Mel made a boo boo, we all have, isn't there a saying, sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me.
This apparently does not apply to Jews, ever since the Holocaust(God forbid that it will ever be repeated) they have become super sensitive, when every other ethnic group has to put up with a garden a variety of abuse, the Jewish people do not.
They are not special as they always claim, look at their treatment of the Palestinians are the Israelis entitled to special treatment.I don't  think so...

There are plenty of tough jobs in the movie business, but right now it's hard to find any applicants for the job of defending Mel Gibson.

Mel Gibson ... hardest act now is to find any supporters in Hollywood.

 He is an Aussie anyway, don't kick him while he's down.

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