26 Jul 2010


A short poem that came upon me, hope it's alright it came in the night, so I penned it this morning, don't know what you like but it came like that out of the blue so I wrote it down just for you.
I posted it before but when I checked, it needed some polish or so I thought, why not try to do a bit more so here it goes, I hope you like.


When your a child
No need to think
Time for learning
Not for yearning
Learning to walk
Learning to talk
We just learn
We don't have to try
Walk without thinking
Talk without to trying
We grow up slowly
Though it seems so fast
Forget our mistakes
That seemed so large
There now in the past
Then as we grow older
We realise how great it was
To be little not tall
Then our life changes
We're not small anymore
We have different lives
 We've grown, we're now tall
Our children are growing up
They say they've learned it all
Or, so they say
Now we have got wisdom
Or so we are told
Now we know just what to do
We will always be learning
Now we know, we really do
 Our kids, they'll do it just the same
They'll think they know it
Think they've learned
But do you know
They'll have to do it, just like us
Make there mistakes
They will, do it all again
They might remember, some of it
The bits that saved them pain
Mostly they'll do it all again
The mistakes we made along the way
They may just do it just the same
Maybe they'll get it, or maybe not
Yes we tried though, to give them the lot
Whether it was enough we'll never know
It was our best shot and that's what they got

Stephen W T Read July 2010

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