12 Jul 2010

Tony Abbott to only turn back 'safe' asylum-seeker boats

TONY Abbott conceded today that only asylum-seeker boats deemed "safe" would be turned back under under a coalition government.
The policy had been an effective deterrent against people-smuggling in the past, the opposition leader said, but it was not practical to turn boats around every time.
“It is an important option that should be available to the Australian government,” he said when asked if the policy increased the likelihood of asylum-seekers sabotaging their boats.
“Of course, you can't turn every boat back but you need to be able turn those boats back where it is safe, where it is possible.
So once again it is the Navy who are being asked to judge which boats are safe(this is the Navy who were told to say children overboard), that's bad enough, but they have to turn them back to where?
If the people on board do not speak English and refuse to tell the Navy where they come from what will happen then
Come on Tony use your imagination, this approach is old hat, can't you think of something else.

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