20 Jul 2010

UK PM David Cameron Launches 'big society' plan

David Cameron's new plan seems to be quite similar to what the conservative (Liberal Party) in Australia adopted over the last 10 years or so before the last change of government.
They transferred so much to work to the charities and away from the government(cost cutting) that the charities are to this day overwhelmed.

Services suffered and Tory's saying that librarians are not needed and are over qualified, that volunteers can run the post offices, run transport systems and drive buses. Next is will be garbage collections etc. This doesn't bode well for the future.

There is great merit in volunteering and it is good for society if it is done correctly, but it can be used as a scapegoat for the non delivery of government services that every tax payer pays for.

I hope it is done with caution, however once cost cutting is mentioned in the same sentence its a worry.

Prime Minister David Cameron
England needs a shot in the arm, is this the way?
Maybe, lets wait and see.

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