13 Jul 2010

Warning! Warning! they have landed

Called Taranis not the Tardis
This wedge-shaped, 8-tonne stealth jet will be able to fly regular drone missions in regions of conflict – but it will also be able to seek and destroy enemy aircraft in dogfights. However, the high degree of autonomy promised by the makers has some observers concerned that the aircraft may decide on its own what constitutes a target.
By using jet engines rather than propellers. The result is a fast, highly manoeuvrable fighter jet.

The UK is taking the Doctor seriously
Warning sounded over British dogfighting drone

Licensed to kill? (Image: BAE Systems)

"But warning bells ring for me when they talk about Taranis being 'a fully autonomous intelligent system' together with applications in 'deep missions' and having a 'deep target attack' capability."
They say that "deep mission" is military speak for "beyond the reach of a remote pilot". "We need to know if this means the robot planes will chose their own targets and destroy them – because they certainly will not have the intelligence to discriminate between civilians and combatants."
Beware take care!

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