14 Jul 2010

What Christopher Pyne believes? watch out Tony Abbott!

Former Liberal shadow parliamentary secretary Cory Bernadi reminds us that there are very ambitious members of the opposition and they will do anything to gain personal power, forget conviction and beliefs.
He states that he once asked Christopher why he joined the liberal party?

In response to my question of why he joined the Liberal Party, Christopher Pyne responded "I live in a Liberal seat so I had to be a member of the Liberal Party to get into Parliament."

"If I lived in a Labor seat I would have joined the Labor Party."
Frankly I was aghast at this response said Bernadi.
Where was the conviction, the beliefs, the values that I believe should motivate our political leaders? Several follow up questions disclosed that the only motivation for his own political involvement was for him to become Prime Minister.

When he was Minister for Aging
he was overheard to say
 he didn't like old people
The future of the Liberal Party
This guy could sell freezers to the Eskimos
or lots of used cars

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