28 Jul 2010

A Woman politician in Australia

The media subjects female politicians to a blatant double standard, requiring them to conform to standards on physical presentation and lifestyle choices that are never applied to men. It’s a constantly changing set of requirements that means there’s always something to criticise and the media always wins.

Look too good, you’re condemned as reliant on your appearance.

Don’t look good enough, you’re disparaged as unattractive. Don’t have a family, you’re deliberately barren. Have a family, you’re a career-obsessed politician neglecting your kids.

The Australian yesterday launched a series of personal attacks on the Prime Minister, with the clear aim of ridiculing her and delegitimising her as a political figure.

It complements an effort by Liberal Party figures to attack Gillard over her childlessness and her de facto marital status.

The Australian’s smearing of Gillard reached new heights this morning when reactionary lightweight Janet Albrechtsen launched a deeply personal attack on Gillard.

Albrechtsen didn’t mention the ears, but that was because her sights were trained somewhat lower on the Gillard anatomy.

She accuses her of “showcasing a bare home and an empty kitchen as badges of honour and commitment to her career” and not knowing how to meet “the needs of a husband or partner.”

Wrong colour,wrong shape,wrong ears, she's just all wrong, why can't she be a man?

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