9 Aug 2010

Abbott can't even spell broadband

By James Riley
The Australian tech sector awoke this morning bathed in the warmth of Coalition love after leader Tony Abbott unveiled ambitious communications and IT programs to underpin economic strength, productivity growth and wealth creation for generations to come…
No wait, hang on. That's not right.

Oh yeah, now I remember. Tony Abbott, in a 3,300 word speech that marked the Coalition's official campaign launch, said nothing about information technology or communications.
 Nothing. No plan, no policy. Literally not a word.

There's no fudging it. In the centrepiece Coalition speech of the 2010 campaign, Mr Abbott did not even use the words 'internet,' "technology,' 'broadband' or ‘communications' once. It's extraordinary.

In fact, he managed to get through all 3,300 words without ever saying 'network' or – quite incredibly – the word 'infrastructure.'

Seriously, he must have a hell of a speechwriter. Because that would take some skill, creating a speech of that length, detailing short and long-term policies and plans for the nation's future, and still managing to avoid all of those core economic terms.

This is the same bloke who has been hammering Labor for its "reckless" spending on the $43 billion National Broadband Network.

Just last week he was warning voters that the NBN project blow-outs could double the cost to taxpayers of the ‘network’ to $86 billion, a total lie.
The NBN will undoubtedly come in under budget by quite a bit according to the industry.




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