1 Aug 2010


I'm an Aussie don't you know, I like it here that's how it goes, we live in this great country, we are privileged to be here.
Just how often do we think, about the things we have.

We having elections here and now and I can't help wondering why, the people in parties, never say they are here for us.

The only them and us that's talked about are themselves.
Where's the sharing and the caring, only in front of the cameras

They all just waffle on, give us all the spin, wouldn't it be great to hear them talk without the spin.
Straight talking wouldn't it be great, don't you hold your breath.

GREAT ground all AROUND

It's strange don't you think
Makes us feel warm inside
Gives us feelings, gives us the right
To say its ours, it is our right
Funny in a sort of way to say it's mine
As if we could own it anyway
A land so vast, a sky so large
To say it's mine, can it ever be
Beneath its skies and the land below
We fall in love, we love it all
The searing heat of summers days
Dusty storms and sweaty days
Freezing nights in the desert
Then the sweltering hot days
Largest nights you'll never see
Stars so bright they help you see
Glistening seas and vast sandy shores
 Stretched so far, there can't be more
Snow and blizzards, they all belong
To this our land surrounded by sea
Land has it's problems and great may they be
We'll always love it can't you see
Fire is here every summer it seems
It never leaves, is always around
These are things that make this land
Give us the reasons, give us the heart
When heartache comes to along
Its called drought and it's really tough
Men and women break down and sometimes cry
It stays too long, tries to kill the ground
Raging fires come and get out of hand
Kill our people, burn our homes down
All these things make life a little tough
You know what, we'll never say enough!
We love this country cause its rough and tough
Makes us feels alive, its just like us
It's a living thing and we're oh so proud
This is our land, we love this ground
This land is ours from bush to shore
Its part of us, owns us for sure
Funny how this thing called dirt
Grabs us by the throat until it hurts
Here we are and I think its grand
Cause we love it, love this land

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