2 Aug 2010

The Case for Tony Abbott

When Tony Abbott was Health Minister in Government, he cut $1 billion from our public hospitals, and funding for GP training places was capped. This put more pressure on our doctors, nurses and hospital emergency departments.

He has never been in a public hospital except when there is an election. "Private hospitals are all he knows".

Tony Abbott does not understand the importance of helping some students to start learning a trade whilst still at high school, he will cut trade training.

He spends more time supporting the big end of town"the miners". Really what would he know about tradesmen, he's been a politician all his adult  life.

While a minister in the Coalition government he neglected to take action to protect our environment for 12 years and now Tony Abbott says 'Climate Change is absolute crap'.

If he was on a boat that was sinking, he wouldn't bail the water out until he was sure it was happening, even if the water was up to his waist.... I think I'd bail the water out just in case it really was sinking.

When the government froze MP salaries in 2008, Tony Abbott complained, comparing the financial struggle of MPs with those of average working families.

Does he know anything about the real world?

He says he will cut essential health services Australian families rely on. He has now admitted that he will make further cuts to health,
by scrapping the new hospital funding by the government.

As Prime Minister he is promising to abolish the GP Superclinic program and to cut the 24-hour telephone GP helpline. Can you trust him?

He is there for one reason "POWER" AND HE WILL DO ANYTHING TO GET IT


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