10 Aug 2010

Death boat used in Coalition ad

A NEW Coalition ad promising to ''stop the boats'' shows a defective immigration vessel responsible for the drowning deaths of five Australians, including a five-year-old girl
.The Mulu SaraThe ill-equipped patrol boat was used to monitor Papua New Guineans passing through the Torres Strait and had nothing to do with asylum seekers.
The ad broadcast at the Coalition's campaign launch on Sunday showed a image of the movement-monitoring vessels with immigration spokesman, Scott Morrison, pledging to stop unauthorised boats and protect Australia's borders.
The boats, emblazoned with the word ''immigration'' on their hulls, were removed from service within weeks of their launch by then immigration minister Amanda Vanstone in 2005.
Five locals - two immigration workers, two women and a five year-old girl - drowned in the Malu Sara tragedy and memories of the incident are still raw in the Torres Strait.
Does this mean they are going to supply the same woeful boats that were dumped by the last Coalition government.

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