13 Aug 2010


Do we really care if Treasury leaked the costing of a Coalition policy before the election was called, not really and if it was before the election was called, why would we care?

Do we really care if Labour did not submit their policies early enough at the last election in 2007, not really it was the last election not this one.

Do we really care if the policies are submitted, yes we really do, it was the Coalition that brought in Election Honesty policy.

We like the idea, we don't expect them to get them all in, we do expect to see the majority.

Now it is the intention of the Coalition not to submit their policies for scrutiny, they say they will have them audited by an independent auditor.

Independent auditors
They were the cause of the world Financial Crisis because they were in bed with the banks, is it not possible that they may be in bed with the Coalition.

We the people have a right to know the costs associated with the policies of all the parties and they must be audited by the most trustworthy auditing authority the Treasury and Finance Departments that we all rely on.

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