20 Aug 2010


A couple of lines came to mind when elections popped into mind.


They say we must have them
It's a right we all have
This thing is the right thing
Something we have to do
We can look at the people
Judge who will do good
Look at their policies
Good and very bad
It's no good to believe
All we hear and what we see
The things are set out
They sound very real
Though when the time comes
For it all this to happen
We'll always hear them say
Can't afford it, not today
The monies not there
It's all flown away
Maybe we'll do it another day
They must have all trained
In the very same way
Cause they all seem to say it
And it always sound that way
We'd get a great shock
If one day they found out
There always was a different way
If they stopped treating us as children
And telling us all what's good for us
If they just asked what we really want
We'd love to be asked, we're pretty bright
When elections came around
Instead of peddling fear
They'd be could be telling us
How good it could be
Then when we voted
We'd do it with glee
Knowing the choice
Would always be hard
The trust would be there
Would that be so bad
Anyway it's nearly time to vote
It's is my duty, I'll have to go

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