12 Aug 2010

MEET THE PEOPLE especially the hand picked liberal supporters

Last night we saw a very one sided and programmed appearance by Tony Abbott who already new that he would be allowed to answer questions from a position on the lower level.
He tried to make it appear that he just decided to do it, come on he was the second speaker, he was told what to do, to take advantage of being second.

It was obvious that Julia was not comfortable perched on a ridiculously high stool, she even commented on it being placed up high.
She at no stage was offered an alternative.

The questions to Abbott were obviously pre prepared, it was there for all to see, the son of member of the Liberal party was given the chance to ask loaded questions.
Also the number of people that said they were voting Liberal was unreal, we were given to understand these people were picked randomly. 
The voting patterns that emerged show us that they were not picked at random.  

Gillard-Abbott-Hall 650x366

I am trying to answer you honestly, please let me.                   Whoopee!I know the answer to this one

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