18 Aug 2010


We now have Abbott the populist, who tells swinging voters whatever they want to hear. Day after day, the man who was such a creative wordsmith now repeats mind-numbing mantras such as ''great big new tax''. He is now focused just on winning votes
He has dumped policy after policy he supported when he was guided by principle.
Take immigration. Abbott used to go out out of his way to endorse high immigration, the last time in January in Melbourne when he declared: ''My instinct is to extend to as many people as possible the freedom and benefits of life in Australia.
A larger population will bring that about, provided that it's also a more productive one.''
That was January.
July, Abbott had swung around to become an anti-immigration campaigner, fanning a scare campaign by declaring immigration out of control.
He now wants to cut net overseas migration to 170,000 - which, taken literally, could mean turning back Australians returning home from overseas jobs, or blocking their partners, or New Zealanders, since all of them come within that cap.
Abbott hinted that he is prepared to restrict the enrolments of foreign students to achieve it.
To win votes, a major party leader is suggesting he might reverse the growth of a key Australian export industry.
This is Peron's Argentina here.

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