7 Aug 2010


Up to 100,000 disenfranchised Australians may now vote on August 21
THE High Court has restored the vote to up to 100,000 Australians, who will be added to the rolls in time for the August 21 election.
On what was hailed as a "historic day" for democracy, the court handed down its majority ruling yesterday in the fastest-ever turnaround for a full bench hearing.
The successful challenge to constitutional validity of changes the Howard government made to the Electoral Act in 2006 to stop young voters from voting in the election has been proved illegal.
The Coalition still does not want young voters who become eligible close to the day the election is called, to be allowed to vote because it believes that young people vote labour.
Labour has been trying to change it this term but has been blocked by the coalition. 
Experts predicted the decision may have consequences for future constitutional challenges and could have an impact on the outcome of the election.
Before the changes were made, voters had seven days after an election was called to enrol.This is the case once again.
The young get back their rights thanks to Getup
Under current law
The rolls shut at 8pm on the day election writs are issued for all new enrolments and three days later for those who need to update their addresses.
So if an election it is called on Thursday of Easter long weekend or any long weekend, you become ineligible to vote.
If you are a young eligible voter or if you are moving house or changing address during that time you can't vote.

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