26 Aug 2010


The Australian Treasury and the Department of Finance are the people who run the financial systems within Australia and yet they are not competent to asses the Coalition's policy costings.............??

An almost unknown accounting firm from Western Australia is more competent.

Does that mean that we can use them to advise government on interest rates also, because they are so competent, does it mean that they will be setting their own accounting rules. Setting pension rates etc.

Of course not private accounting firms never will be, it's not what they are trained to do.

Who does set the rules for accounting, who runs the finances of the country, Finance and Treasury of course.

The Coalition while in government swore by their integrity.

Why won't they allow us the people(independents included) to see the real costs of their policies.

The only conclusion the average voter can reach is that there is something shonky about their costing claims.

Should they be elected to run the government, as sure as night follows day they will say that there is a  great big black hole in the budget, therefore they will not be able to carry out their policies

Why will they claim this, because their promises were never able to be delivered and they have known it all along.

Labour are happy to have their policy costings released.
Why don't they?

If Treasury is so untrustworthy how will they ever be able to govern if elected.
Treasury will have to be replaced by private accounting firms, maybe from the Miners or Woolies or Coles.


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