6 Aug 2010


Did Tony Abbott or any of the Coalition members of parliament

receive or bank any of those stimulus cheques sent out under the

stimulus measures.

Or did they send them back to the Labor government with a little note

saying "sorry, I am not going to participate in your efforts to keep

workers in jobs by spending this money"?

Did no-one in the Coalition parties take advantage of insulation and

green energy packages subsidised by the stimulus packages?

Did any of the Coalition electorates refrain from taking the money in

the stimulus packages that stopped the waste refererred to by Stiglitz

Report on waste by the Coalition government, including waste of

capital ?

The liberals just don't get it, it is not the Prime Ministers


It is the Governments Prime Minister.

The PM is the appointed spokes person of the party and nothing


Only in a dictatorship (or a monarchy) is it the head of state


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