14 Aug 2010


Gillard Spins the ball to the left

Paul Kelly/Stephen Read 14 th August

billards gillard
Julia Gillard playing billiards in Brisbane last weekend.Gary Ramage Source: The Australian
JULIA Gillard has shown her mettle during this campaign, retaining her composure, staying on message, braving internal upheavals.
More significant are the signs of a new feminine philosophy of politics that may stamp Australia's future.
She may be as tough as Margaret Thatcher but her beliefs are far away from what the Iron Lady believed.
She is formidable because her personality radiates two qualities: she is competent and she is compassionate and has a great sense of humour. But it goes beyond this.
Julia Gillard is taking Australia decisively to the Left with ideas she markets as fairness, sustainability, enlightened government intervention and a hi-tech command of the future.
Presented with a feminine stamp she holds out the prospect of giving the pragmatic Left the most success and respectability it has enjoyed in this country for many decades.
This may prove that the left has joined the 21st Century which will make things very hard for the Coalition.
Gillard may become the ideal Labor leader for the times

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