23 Sept 2010


Australian Opposition leader Tony Abbott has gone back on his word with the independents and the Governing Labour party even before parliament has had it's first sitting since the election.

Only a fortnight ago Abbott said in opposition he would be hard but fair during this three years of the Minority government. He also said that he supported this government to run it's full term, barring unforeseen circumstances.

The people of Australia are sick to death of the opposition breaking it's word, what sort of an example are they setting for our children.

The opposition obviously want to force another election, regardless to any deals they made.

The Coalition(Liberal/Nationals) don't care about the costs associated with another election, they think that they can win the next time.

This could be a very bad decision because the polls now show that Labour would win if an election is forced, they are getting used to this Minority government and don't see any reason to change at the moment.

Take care Mr Abbott it is the present government  who can call an election at any time, take care it may backfire.

I didn't believe I'd be writing about politics so soon after the election, however with the truth being treated so lightly I had to say something. The politicians wonder why they are not trusted?

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