24 Sept 2010


The Coalition opposition in Australia is threatening to block all members of the government from taking overseas trips, attending meetings within Australia and personal circumstances that require an absence from parliament.

With the numbers in parliament so tight, the Coalition is trying to bring down the government.

The opposition will no longer honour a long standing convention that has stood for years.

This allows members who are required to be absent from parliament to have their absences covered by having a member of the opposition absent themselves from voting thus balancing a vote.

This will mean that most if not all ministers including the PM will be handicapped in attending multinational meetings and business meeting with heads of industry.

Australia will be made a laughing stock if this is allowed to happen.

We are all Australians who believe in a fair go, we are not spoilt brats who take their rubber duckies home when we loose a game.

Come on Tony Abbott wake up to yourself, you are hurting our great country.

It's called honesty, I'll know it when I see it.
Well maybe not!!!!
I haven't seen much of it lately.
I've not seen a fair go lying around either.

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