1 Sept 2010


The Coalition is claiming that the mini riot by "refugee smugglers" would not happen if they were in government.

When in government there were many suicides by refugees, children were separated from families, some refugees spent years in detention before they were allowed to settle in this country.
Almost all did settle here, their policy was a complete waste of time and money.

The costs associated with their policies was prohibitive yet they persisted, with no understanding of the inhuman treatment they were handing out.
Once again we are seeing them wheel out their fear campaign, this time a small protest by some smugglers in Darwin sees the Coalition press the fear button.

Are we Australians so stupid that we will continue to believe them and the fear peddled by them.

It used to be Communists under the bed 1950s, Faceless men 1950s, 1955 Unions are communists, Medicare bad will ruin us, Public schools should not be funded as much as private, Miners will leave the country, the country we will be broke and on and on the fear story goes.

Fear is their weapon of choice and we have fallen for it once more in this election.
They did not need policies all they needed to do was make us frightened of what we're not sure but everything  will work pretty well.

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