4 Sept 2010


The Power of a New kind of Love   4 th September 2010

Yesterday a strange thing happened while out with my wife Pauline, we were in a club when a young handicapped girl in a wheelchair who could not speak sat nearby with her carer.

A short while later I felt something similar to an electrical charge surge through me and found that she and I were both staring at one another. I suddenly felt her mind in my mind telling me she was happy that I understood her innermost feelings of inadequacies and that she could understand mine.

My own mind was acutely aware of how her body felt and it's shortcomings, it was as if I was inside her body and she was inside mine. I was totally aware of being her and she was aware of being me.

The feelings I felt were overwhelming, I never felt so much power, tears rolled down my cheeks, I felt nothing but pure love, love for a fellow human being. It was the most profound feeling I have ever felt.

Moments like these teach us that we know very little about the power of our mind, we are blessed with the ability to show love to one another and we have to be reminded to do just that.

Now I have learned something new on my life's journey since I had the stroke. I know that I have been given a gift since the stroke, a very special gift that was shown to me just yesterday.

When the stoke happened I felt cheated, sorry for myself and all the other emotions associated with being handicapped, now I feel privileged to have feelings that I had never felt before, privileged to be able to feel such intense emotions.

No matter how you may feel about your life, remember that us humans are somewhat unknown creatures and can always amaze us.
There is always light around the corner and it just might shine on you to.

I had to write this because it just happened to me.
I'm not a religious person at all but unexplainable things such as this happen. I'm not going to change into a bible basher, however the power that I experienced was astounding and I'll leave it at that.

I think it's a something worth telling people about and truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

I should ad that my wife stood by and watched in amazement as these emotions washed over me, she knew that this was really special even though she was not part of it.

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