12 Sept 2010

Theories that men's and women's brains are wired differently are a 'myth', say experts

S W T Read 12/9/2010
I can't believe it, what a hypothesis, as an Aussie male I cannot believe it to be true? 
The theory is only a theory, however I do not believe the science that backs it up.
I accept Dr Fines criticism of those that put forward this theory
Her harshest criticisms are aimed at American authors such as Dr Brizendine.
The central idea of Dr Fines book The Female Brain is that women spend most of their lives controlled by all the hormones generated by their monthly cycles.
Everyone knows that the birth of children is a factor.
Another chapter suggests that “only when the children leave home are the mommy brain circuits finally free”.
Dr Fine says such ideas prove we are direct descendants of " Men from Mars" and "Women from Venus".
John Gray suggested, for example, that it was “scientifically proven” that women benefited from housework because it boosted their hormone levels, every man knows it to be so.
She and Professor Rippon say they fear that neuroscience will be used to justify changes in education policy.
Such pressures are already developing, the headmistress of Cheltenham ladies' college, was quoted as saying single-sex schools should make a comeback as boys' brains worked differently from girls'
Now boys you might wonder why I have written this article, well we now have a female PM who knows where that will lead.
I would appreciate feedback from you male persons, just in case I am murdered in my bed.

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