4 Oct 2010


The shadow minister for defence believes that an email from a distraught soldier who had just lost his comrade in battle, is more believable than the chief of the armed forces.

David Johnston is repeating what his leader says about every reliable government organisation including Defence and the Treasury.

The Coalition is using the death of a soldier to attack the government, it is reprehensible and has never been done before.

Johnston's remarks make the soldiers family more upset than ever, it also makes other soldiers families think their sons and daughters are being neglected in the field.

His comment about sending our troops tanks shows that he has no knowledge of the operations in Afghanistan, even the US does not use tanks there because they are not suited to this operation.

As for helicopters, air defence is supplied by the US forces in any form our troops require.

Julia Gillard's remarks she made about Johnston  seem quite appropriate."The next thing he will want is submarines"in a land locked country.

Tony Abbott should make him contact the family of the dead soldier and sincerely apologize for insinuating that the troops are not supported properly.

Should David Johnston want to discuss the matter further he should do so with the officers in charge, in private as he always should have done, not in the press to grab a headline.

David Johnston

David JohnstonA shadow Minister who should remain in the shadows

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