7 Oct 2010

MURRAY DARLING BASIN AUTHORITY "The child of the Coalition is going to kill irrigation" so they say now they are not the government

Murray Darling irrigation will die, says Coalition

The Federal Coalition says the recommended cuts to water entitlements in the Murray Darling Basin will kill the irrigation industry, this is before the recommendations are released.
Had this still been their baby I wonder what statements would be coming from them.
Irrigators say tomorrow's release of the Murray Darling Basin Authority draft plan will call for cuts of between 27 and 37 per cent of entitlements (maybe).
The claim comes after the authority briefed state governments on the plan.
Barnaby Joyce says as usual its the end of the world and devastate regional towns.
"Well, you won't have any irrigation communities if some of these numbers go forward," he says.
Come on Barnaby the end of the world is not nigh, there will be some rationalisation no doubt, lets not exaggerate, stop scaring the horses. 
"Don't think  the price of food will stay where it is, if you start shutting down the capacity to produce it says Barnaby".
Who suggested shutting down food production?
Farmers across the Murray Darling Basin say the cuts are expected to be highest in the Murrumbidgee, Lower Balonne, Darling, Murray and Goulburn regions.
They are not going to be definitive recommendations.
The guide to the Murray Darling Basin plan, which will be released tomorrow by the Murray Darling Basin Authority it is hoped will give some certainty to irrigators and farming communities, so they could plan for their future.
Barnaby Joyce is spreading fear in whole irrigation area before he knows the facts.
The Coalition seems to thrive on misinformation by preempting every statement, in this case it is there own Authority that they set up with much fanfare to solve the Murray's problems.


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