22 Oct 2010


Check out your roof for lead flashing
Thief steals £100,000 of lead with aid of Google Earth, this is a typical English crime, who but them would think of this one.
In an incident which further sparked concerns over the misuse of Google Earth application for felonious purposes, a thief stole lead worth a whopping £100,000 from the roofs of the buildings, by using it to get the detailed views of these listed buildings.    
The builder from Sutton, used the Google Earth application, which offers detailed satellite  images of places across the globe, to search out various listed buildings, including churches, schools, and museums, that could be ransacked for lead.  
He used the Google to figure out lead roofs were darker colours, and made £44,500 by selling around 44.6-tonnes of lead during his six months long spree. 
The roofs of Sutton High School for Girls, Croydon Parish Church, and Honeywood Museum in Carshalton were all looted.
The thief is sentenced to eight months in jail, suspended for a couple of years, after he confessed involvement in as many as 30 offences.  
He went to site equipped with the necessary equipment, such as ladders and abseiling ropes, to plunder the roofs, and even stole a car to make a speedy escape. 
You may not have a roof over your head 

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