5 Oct 2010

Turnbull says $65 a month will keep most off broadband "Where does he live"?

The government-owned NBN Co is likely to charge retailers about $35 a month. He predicted this would result in customers paying an average of $65 to $70 a month.

So there is no reason to believe that the NBN will deliver cheaper broadband. It certainly will deliver faster broadband than many people are getting at the moment, but at an extraordinary cost,'' he said.

Wake up Malcolm if you want just useful broadband you will pay about $70 already for dismal speeds, where did you get the figures you quote.

The prices we pay are dictated by Telstra by their wholesale pricing because we are dealing with a monopoly.

Under the government plan they will break this monopoly thank god, if the prices are the same as today its a win,win.

Maybe we'll get better service wouldn't that be a bonus.

Lets face it "A TECH HEAD" your not!

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