24 Nov 2010


The Tony Abbott biog

Born England
Schooled OZ St Aloysius Bronte, St Aloysius College, St Ignatious College Riverview.
University of Sydney BEc, LLB, became president of Student Representative Counsel being very right wing, Queens College Oxford, Rhodes Scholar MA.

1983 began studying for the priesthood St Patricks Seminary he was referred to as the Mad Monk, he didn't stick to it however, though he still at times does lapse into a sermon unfortunately.

He wrote articles first for the Sydney University Newspaper, and later The Catholic Weekly (surprise)and national publications like The Bulletin. He became well-known for his strongly worded criticism of trade unions and left-wing politics.
He eventually he became a journalist and wrote for The Australian Newspaper.(another surprise) In 1987 Abbott met his wife Margaret
1993 and 1994 he was the Executive Director of Australians for Constitutional Monarchy.(more surprises it's all too much)

Howard appointed Abbott to the key Health Portfolio in 2003.Abbott was involved in controversy in 2006 for opposing access to the abortion drug RU486, (he is a Catholic) and the Parliament voted to strip Health Ministers of the power to regulate this area of policy, prompted by his action.

During the 2007 Election. On October 31, he was forced to apologised for saying 'just because a person is sick doesn't mean that he is necessarily pure of heart in all things', after Bernie Banton, (an asbestos campaigner and terminal mesothelioma sufferer) was not present to collect a petition. Abbott called him 'gutless' for not being present.(the man was dying)

Mia Freedman, the influential blogger wrote of his modern ideas.

“I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that the Liberal Party has just elected a leader who is anti-abortion, anti-IVF, anti-stem cell research and who wants to ban no-fault divorce.’’

We shall follow his continuing life with interest, though I think his term in this job might be as limited as his attempt at priesthood.

To finish on a light note when he was asked about drugs he replied.

“To be sociable, I puffed on a marijuana cigarette, but I didn’t inhale – I don’t even inhale normal cigarettes.
When it comes to getting stoned in that way, I was a complete failure.

Does this remind you of any other person (Bill) who sometimes had trouble with the truth.



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