19 Dec 2010

THE GFC (Global Financial Crisis) CONSPIRED BY BANKERS

The GFC has seen the average citizens of the world contribute massive amounts of money to the banking sector, have pension systems change, wages frozen or slashed and health systems cut to the bone.

What pray tell have we seen the banks do in this regard, nothing, there profits are still rising, they are still paying huge bonuses and they are complaining about to much regulation.

Not one major bank has collapsed, so who benefits?

Banks and Multi-Nationals are all announcing higher profits, so who suffered the most from this debacle.

The effect has been to lower wages and benefits across the globe, did our so called benefactors(banks etc.) decide that we we all had it to good and their profits need a boost.

Isn't it about time governments played in the banking game, the days of the market being the sole regulator is over.
The banks have ripped billions from governments around the world, with scant regard for the average Joe.

Surely government players would keep the bastards honest, let's give them some real competition. Bring back some government owned banks.

Break up this o'le  boys club where they look after their own "all pally, pally like".
There perhaps as many as 27 million people working in bondage in 2010.

Why is it that in every financial crisis wages, conditions and benefits are cut.
Why is it that the people who cause it always benefit.
Will ever learn, or must we keep repeating it, over and over.

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