21 Dec 2010

Julian Assange the truth sayer

Brendan O'Neill: Australian
Edited : By S W T Read 21 Dec 2010
Julian Assange the truth Sayer, no not really, he just a guy trying to let us know what governments really think.
The leakers are well meaning though sometimes misguided, Wickileaks vetts all this information like any newspaper.
They do not steal the information, they are guilty of being a popular site and providing a publisher, that's all.
The leakers have found a provider willing to give the people of the world information they are entitled to see, is this a sin?
Radicals, who are normally so sniffy about anything that looks or sounds like religion, are bending their collective knee to the "truth teller" Assange.
JUST in time for Christmas, the cult of Julian Assange has reached a Crescendo.
They consider Julian Assange to be "the way and the truth and the way to a better life". Truth in government and big business.
Here's a man who simply wants to reveal to us The Truth, yet who is persecuted and even imprisoned for doing so.
The pursuit of Assange by law enforcers represents the "persecution of truth itself", an American journalist says.
Just as Christmas is tinged with sadness for Christians, for well they know where this newborn babe of truth will end up at Easter time.
The Assange apostles warn us that their "truth teller" could end up dead, too, killed by the jealous and furious authorities as surely as Christ was.
We are witnessing the "secular crucifixion of Julian Assange", says one blogger.
A contributor says, "For our sake, he's being crucified to cover up the ineptness of security systems.
The security systems of countries are slack and who is paying for it, Julian Assange, why because they will not admit that it is their own fault.
That is precisely why we need Wickileaks, to show up deficiencies in governments.

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  1. Dear Stephen .... I think you are the truth sayer !!!!


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