5 Dec 2010

OPRAH WINFREY is she good for our Health

CELEBRITIES and companies are clamouring to get a piece of the Oprah Winfrey.
Oprah will skip Qantas(she flies in her own plane) flying into Sydney on a private jet this week.
 She's famous for turning no names" into into presidents.(god forgive us, how about trying to do something about the ALP in NSW))
A-list celebrities(the ones she'd like to have on her show) shows at the Opera House on December 14 include Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman and Keith Urban(all are being well paid).
Australians are scrambling(they are being well paid) for an audience with Oprah.
Tourism Australia estimates coverage of Oprah's visit has already generated $17 million for the local economy.Tourism Australia has exaggerated and been wrong before.
Oprah Winfrey Show viewers are it is believed to be women aged between 25 and 54 with above-average incomes.
Can someone please tell me that Australian  women don't watch such drivel, because if they do the future of Australian women does not look bright.
Imagine thousands of Sarah Pailins(she's a great fan, even though of different politics) running around Australia and they'd all be carrying guns.(that's not Oprah's fault though Sarah was born with a gun)
Broken marriages, Psychiatric problems, Religious Zealots and god knows what other rubbish she has on her show, cannot be good for the Psychiatric condition of her audiences.


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  1. .... I guess bad publicity is still publicity....should be interesting to see how we react to her visit down under...Oh my God !!!


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