7 Dec 2010

Sweden 'tricked' in failed Norway Gripen Fighter bid.Wickileaks is paying the price.

Sweden 'tricked' in failed Norway Gripen bid

Evidence is evidence, it doesn't change so they say. Unless your names Assange.

It appears the decision to prosecute does change, regardless of evidence or lack of it -  A Swedish prosecutor decided not to press charges then on Wednesday another prosecutor decided to reopen a probe into rape suspicions against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange".

Clearly the decision to reopen the case has no relationship with the recent publications from Wikileaks or the earlier ones in July that refer to slippery deals between both governments over the purchase of this plane.(Ha! ha! ha) Of course not.

Analysts around the world in their reviews have favoured the Gripen over the F-35 repeatedly but Norway still goes ahead to buy the American F-35. In this case over-stepping regional and Nordic interests.

Australia also was looking at other manufacturers and were not in love with the F-35, guess what we bought, the F-35 because our John H wanted to give George B a present, by the way they say they are not new generation jets.

America obviously rules don't they?

The rape charges against Assange need to be investigated and prosecuted based on the evidence, and have nothing to do with the failed Gripen bid or so the Americans say.

I wonder why they even commented on the Wickileaks case.

As far as the refusal to supply the radar system, the Americans say.

The USA have no duty to export the AESA radar system to a Swedish company and may delay it's response to any such request. The American gov't should support American companies doing business overseas, including 'political pressure' which isn't a dirty term in America.(But they are the Father of free trade aren't they) 

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