15 Dec 2010

UK Forensic Science Services to be wound up--British Justice to Now be judged by Cost not Quality

"Cost will now determine justice in the UK".
The government is putting its faith in an untested market to deliver forensic science at a time when it has never been more important to the detection of crime."
This decision will "destroy a world-class body" that was envied by international police and lead to an over-emphasis in profits in the sector, this could threaten the quality of the science.
They'll seeing a better turnaround in terms of the way in which forensics are being processed, they hope.
When we look at the conflicting results with DNA testing from different labs, I am less than confident that they will achieve the results they crave.
Is it an improvement in the justice system??
Spending cuts meant police forces had less money for forensics consultancy and were increasingly taking such work in-house.THE MEASURE OF JUSTICE IN ENGLAND

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