PSSST. Want to share a secret? Here is the place to send it. But be quick. This postbox to contact WikiLeaks in Australia is about to be shut down or has someone changed their mind.
Australia Post insists its sudden decision to close the University of Melbourne post office has nothing to do with the fact that box 4080 is the Australian address for submissions to the whistleblower website.
But an announcement last Friday that the branch will close on December 17 - right before christmas, the busiest season for the postal system. (something smells).
"Has the the Australian(read US government) had it's sticky fingers in this pie".
A coincidence? Or has the ever-closing security net on the activity of WikiLeaks tightening a notch further?
Attention-----Suddenly WikiLeaks has a small win in Australia.
The Australian government obviously nervous, after the reaction of  journalists and newspapers to the attacks on Assange, have backed down.
Australia Post yesterday reversed a decision made last week to close the University of Melbourne post office, also home to a postbox for secret submissions to Mr Assange's organisation.