11 Dec 2010


This proposed new site, coming at this time seems to be the competition taking advantage of a Wickileaks weakened opposition.
A sceptical person may think something very different.

They may think for instance that it is a perfect opportunity to create a site that lures potential leakers to submit their information to a site that is nothing but a front for certain Governments (who we all know).

This would mean that all leaks would be vetted before being published, we would never get to see any important information, they would drop us all some crumbs occasionally to make it seem real.
Ensuring that we are treated like the proverbial mushrooms, fed on bullshit and kept in the dark.

OpenLeaks.org will go live on Monday, according to Swedish site DN.se. One of the site's backers, who wished to remain anonymous, said of the site, "its long-term goal is to build a strong, transparent platform to support whistle blowers-both in terms of technology and politics-while at the same time encouraging others to start similar projects."

People can submit documents to the system, and "various collaborating organizations" will process and publish that information.

These are only my own thoughts on the matter, however you don't need too much imagination to reach this conclusion.


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