AUSTRALIA has the fourth-cheapest petrol among developed nations.
And the competition watchdog says the fuel companies are not ripping people off. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has released its 2011 report on the prices, costs and profits of unleaded petrol in Australia.
The average petrol price was 132 cents a litre across the five largest cities in Australia over 2010-11, about 8c more than the year before, according to the commission.
Commissioner Joe Dimasi said the watchdog found no evidence of excessive profiteering by fuel companies in Australia. ''It estimates that net profit to the petrol companies on each litre of petrol sold was around 2.2c,'' he said.
Commissioner Joe Dimasi does not mention why prices vary by as much as 10cents on different days, nor does he mention how the Supermarket chains manipulate prices at the pump.
When the chains have a discount on petrol for by buying a certain amount of goods from their Supermarkets they increase the price of petrol to compensate.
They are giving consumers nothing, but where can we go, to the opposition, no there isn't any because most of the petrol outlets are owned by, guess who. These same two supermarket chains!!!