3 Jan 2011

Australian Cricket Saviors? Usman Khawaja and a good Beer(Michael Beer)

Khawaja or Khwaja It means lord or master. Anyone who can grant a desire is khwaja. Which is why saints of the Chishti Order were called khwaja.
They are the soul of the cosmos, they are connected to the creator, the great batsman on high.

All we need is for him to grant Australia one wish, this test let him score a hundred or more in his first test.

Usman Khawaja
Lord and Master of the game?
We'll wait and see.
A likely lad

Michael Beer
Michael Anthony Beer
Beer: Meaning nectar of the gods, believed to relieve all ills if taken in large quantities, if Michael can just give us a large dose accurate bowling in this test together with a bag of wickets.
We will truly say Beer is worth bottling.


  1. ... I bow to thou Bwana !!! xxx

  2. ... yes and the three of you are very godly in your own way !!!!


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