25 Jan 2011


Council defends crematorium plan to heat pool

By Danielle Dwyer, PA: Edited by S W T Read
Monday, 24 January 2011
A council has defended "insulting and insensitive" plans to heat a swimming pool with a crematorium incinerator.
Redditch Borough Council in Worcestershire has drawn up proposals to use excess heat generated by the incinerator at the town's crematorium to warm the water for swimmers at the nearby Abbey Stadium Sports Centre.
A spokesman for the Conservative-run authority said: "Redditch Borough Council, with a commitment to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, is considering proposals to re-use energy at its crematorium to heat a nearby leisure centre.
"The heat would otherwise be exhausted into the atmosphere."
"It goes to show yet again that the Conservatives know the price of everything and the value of nothing.
"Unfortunately, local authorities are increasingly pursuing desperate polices in a reaction to the unprecedented spending cuts imposed from Whitehall.
"This just shows that the Government's slashing of funding is impacting on the ability of local authorities to provide our services."

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  1. what a waste of energy ... perhaps our crematorium could donate some of it's precious energy and put it to good use !!!!


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